Our Design Partners

Simon Pengelly

Pengelly Design, a London-based studio specialising in furniture and product design, was founded by British designer Simon Pengelly in 1993.

Pengelly’s formative training at the bench provides a background of pragmatism that underscores the intelligent solutions that come from his materials and process led approach to problem solving, resulting in products of lightness, understated simplicity and trademark timeless appeal.

“Quietness, possibly above all else, is a quality the best products possess in that they don’t follow trend, rather they possess a character born of thoughtful regard to function, materiality, environment, intuitiveness and familiarity, without the need to shout. There are few things more exciting and interesting to us than being able to make our mark with quiet design”.


Roger Webb Associates

Webb Associates, a Design Consultancy with extensive experience, knowledge and skill, based within the constraints and demands of commercial and industrial mass production.

Our passion for design is specifically tailored to clients needs, supporting them to achieve a leading position in their market, providing solutions that are successful. We aim to help organisations adapt to the demands of the market, meeting the needs of the changing culture of work and living environments. Our service is focused through research, in close collaboration with the client to create and develop designs involving prototyping and product engineering, supporting the client by project managing the design into production and to market.

Design ideas that resolve the restrictions imposed by function, ergonomic and market demands and manufacturing processes to create economic solutions with visual and technical innovation are typical of the problems we embrace daily.

Roger Webb M. Des RCA. Dip AD. MSID
Graduate of Leeds Polytechnic and The Royal College of Art. Worked for Prof. Robert Heritage and then Design Manager of Antocks Lairn Group. Co-founder of D+D before starting Roger Webb Associates in 1989.

David Lancaster MA. BA (Hons)
Graduate of University of Northumbria and BCUC. Worked freelance and exhibited with Mo-billy at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2000 and 2001. Joined Roger Webb Associates in 2001


Studio Verco

The design philosophy of VERCO Office Furniture is not solely based on producing new furniture and seating.  Rather it is focused on emphasising the importance of these products on the wellbeing of everyone within the workplace, to boost an organisation’s ability to innovate and thrive and to create interesting, inspiring and exciting workplaces of the future.

Calling on the design and engineering skills and knowledge of a company with over 100 years of furniture manufacturing experience, our own talented and proficient design team at Studio Verco have developed some of the iconic product families within our portfolio, including; Martin, Oblique and Aston together with many of the seating families.

This combination of in-house design and engineering talent, together with the imported design thinking of our external design partners has given our entire portfolio a level of design and aesthetic finesse, and an engineering and ergonomic lineage that is second to none.