The design philosophy of VERCO Office Furniture is not solely based on producing new furniture and seating.  Rather it is focused on emphasising the importance of these products on the well being of everyone within the workplace, to boost an organisation’s ability to innovate and thrive and to create workplaces of the future.

We work with leading designers, such as Roger Webb and Simon Pengelly, in addition to having our own talented and experienced design team at Studio Verco.  These relationships have given our entire portfolio a level of design and aesthetic finesse, with an engineering and ergonomic lineage that is second to none.



Improving our environmental performance is a belief that we have held since our inception in 1912.  We’ve worked to introduce environmental improvements throughout our manufacturing process and wherever possible reduce the environmental impact of all our operations enabling us to secure accreditation to the Environmental Management System BS EN ISO 14001:2015.

Time taken at the design stage of any new product can have an immediate and fundamental effect on that product’s environmental impact.  From the careful selection of materials to maximise the recycled content and to minimise both the energy and CO2 footprints, to the end of life recyclability of the component parts, particular consideration has been given to the environmental impact at every stage.

We will continue to minimise any impact on the environment through our ‘reducing, reusing and recycling’ code.



Health & Safety

The Works Director via the board of directors has responsibility for authorising and initialising training activity and the HR Manager for facilitating and evaluating training events and maintaining appropriate records.

Training is carried out on the job by line managers, by individuals attending open courses or by specialists running training sessions in Company.

Health & Safety Committee meetings are minuted and copies distributed to all employees.

Some (H&S) Training needs are also identified via the risk assessments and training analysis.

Risk assessments are carried out by line managers, and off site by the Transport Manager.

The company has established procedures for evacuating the premises, fire, sending a casualty to hospital or calling an Ambulance, and environmental spillages or leakages and accident investigation.

General advice is provided to the Company by qualified personnel at Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Aylesbury Training Group and other relevant bodies.