Oblique Adapt Desks

designed by Studio Verco

Oblique Adapt desking provides a stylish, robust and reliable height adjustable frame within the Oblique furniture collection.

Frames may be easily adjusted by hand from a height of 680-880mm but the sophisticated, smooth operating electrical mechanism provides the ultimate workstation height adjustment from 650-1300mm, at a realistic price point.

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Visual Adapt Desk
Visual Adapt Desk
Visual Adapt Desk

Oblique Adapt Desks

OARD 1608 E

Electrical height adjustable desk

The desk top height of Oblique Adapt desks can also be adjusted electrically by the use of twin Bosch electrical motors, one in each leg frame to raise or lower the desk top between 650 – 1300mm to provide the ultimate in affordable ‘sit-stand’ workstations. The desk can be fitted with an electric height display unit, with memory function, to provide for multi-user use, or simply multi-positions through the working day.

OARD 1616 B2B

2 person back to back electrically height adjustable rectangular bench, including 2 x side to side spacer brackets.

The electrical adjustable height system provides a smooth, robust and realistically priced height adjustable sit-stand solution for the ultimate flexible workspace.

Each back to back bench is provided with 2 x spacer brackets which should be fitted between adjoining oblique adapt back to back benches to ensure a gap between the height adjustable tops, for safety purposes.

Height Control
Retractable Height Display Unit
Forest-Oak MFC
Natural-Cherry MFC
Lead MFC
Graphite MFC
Framework White
Framework Silver
Framework Black

please specify top and frame finish – oak (O), beech (B), maple (M), natural walnut (W), natural cherry (NC), dove grey (D), lead (LD), graphite (GR)
or ice white (I), MFC finish ice white (I), black (B), powder blue (PB), or pastel green (PG), laminate finish, frame finish – ice white (W), black (BL) or silver (S)

Rectangular, manually height adjustable desk

OARD 1808   1800 x 800 x 680 – 880
OARD 1608   1600 x 800 x 680 – 880
OARD 1408   1400 x 800 x 680 – 880
OARD 1208   1200 x 800 x 680 – 880
OARD 1008   1000 x 800 x 680 – 880
OARD 0808   800 x 800 x 680 – 880

Rectangular, electric height adjustable desk

OARD 1808 E   1800 x 800 x 650 – 1300
OARD 1608 E   1600 x 800 x 650 – 1300
OARD 1408 E   1400 x 800 x 650 – 1300
OARD 1208 E   1200 x 800 x 650 – 1300
OARD 1008 E   1000 x 800 x 650 – 1300
OARD 0808 E   800 x 800 x 650 – 1300

2 Person – Rectangular, electric height adjustable desk

OARD 1816 B2B   1800 x 1642 x 650 -1300
OARD 1616 B2B   1600 x 1642 x 650 -1300
OARD 1416 B2B   1400 x 1642 x 650 -1300

Verco Office Furniture Limited manufacture all products under the stringent BS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standard. Products are continually tested to ensure they conform to the strength and stability requirements of British and European performance standards. Verco is committed to continually improving the environmental impact of our activities, products and services and to continually improving our environmental performance. BS EN ISO 14001:2004 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system (ems), which provides the framework for Verco to control any impact. Time taken at the design stage of any product can have an immediate and fundamental effect on that product’s environmental impact. From the careful selection of materials to maximise the recycled content and to minimise both the energy and CO2 footprints, to the ‘end of life’ recycleability of the component parts, particular consideration has been given to the environmental impact at every stage from the design concept through to final production.